Below are three examples of course syllabi from classes I’ve instructed.

New Media Systems – RTV4420 explores the television, film, radio, print, and gaming industries from the perspective that their evolution over time is based on a system of interrelated technological, regulatory (i.e., governmental), economic, and cultural factors. Understanding the broader social systems that affect contemporary television, film, radio, print, and gaming is crucial to one’s success as a media professional as companies are looking for candidates that can theorize solutions to the current challenges produced by new media technologies. Examples of such challenges include: audience fragmentation, platform migration, media cannibalization, and increased competition from non-traditional sources, all of which are addressed in this class.

Click here to download the syllabus for Telecommunication Research – RTV4420

Telecommunication Research – RTV4506 will introduce students to a cross-section of qualitative, quantitative, and industry related research practices that are commonly employed by scholars and practitioners in the field of telecommunication. The semester is structured to spend the first half on fundamental concepts, such as research design, measurement, data collection, and analysis. The emphasis here is to learn how to apply these concepts in a variety of different research settings, including: experiments, surveys, focus groups, case studies, content analyses, among other primary research methods. While fundamental concepts are crucial to making educated research decisions in both academic and industry related research, academic relevance will receive special focus during the first half of the semester. The second half of the semester looks to address industry relevant applications of the concepts learned during the first half of the semester, and will introduce the student to leading industry audience intelligence/data services. Special focus will be given to audience analysis research such as ratings analysis, psychographics, lifestyle data, and other marketing tools regularly employed by the electronic media industry. While this class is not a statistics course, basic descriptive statistics will be reviewed.

Click here to download the syllabus for Telecommunication Research – RTV4506

Telecommunication Planning and Operations – RTV4800 is designed to provide students with an overview of the fundamental concepts, characteristics, and business administration involved in telecommunications industries. You will be given an overview of various telecommunication industries and introduced to practical concepts and techniques in the following areas:
• Brand Marketing
• Strategic Management
• Selling and Sales Management
• Technology and Management
• Social Media Management
• Financial Management
• Management and Leadership
• Strategic Planning

Click here to download the syllabus for Telecommunication Planning and Operations – RTV4800